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​For real estate managers and team leaders, the start of a new year is a great time for fresh thinking about what you what to achieve. 
Do you have specific goals or targets you want to hit in 2018? Perhaps you feel re-energised after your break and want to create more ‘me time’ during the year to avoid stress, burnout and fatigue?
Writing a list of lofty new-year resolutions sounds good in theory. In reality it’s not necessarily a great idea because it’s easy to fail to keep them. In fact only around 8% of people actually manage to achieve their resolutions. 
A better tactic is to look at the bigger vision and take smaller steps throughout the year to improve and make change.
Whatever your goals, here are some ways you can get motivated for making the most of 2018. 
1. Review your past achievements
Before you set a list of achievable goals, reviewing how you went in 2017 is a good idea. Did you reach the goals you set for yourself last year? What did you struggle with? 
Being honest about your performance will allow you to better figure out what you need to do in 2018. You may want to continue with the goals from last year that you didn’t achieve or ditch them entirely and set new ones. 
2. Goal setting 
As every good manager knows, setting goals provides direction, gives you a clearer idea of what’s important, and a feeling of personal satisfaction when they’re attained. Without goals you’ll lack focus and a sense of purpose. Here are some tips for your 2018 goal setting:
Set a manageable amount of goals
Set goals that are important to you and which you’re motivated to achieve
Set SMART goals - specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound
Write an action plan and the steps you need to take to achieve each goal 
Review your progress throughout the year and adjust your action plan if needed
3. Focus on personal growth
Even the best managers need to continually work on their self-development and personal growth. If you have an appetite for learning and are willing to work on yourself, then seek out ways you can do this. It may be attending a conference or course on the subject, or simply being more aware of when you need to take a break. 
An app such as Calm can give you 5 or 10 minute (or longer) sessions of free guided meditation, which may be all you need to deal with a buildup of anxiety and stress which can lead to depression. If you are depressed, yoga is a great way to deal with it naturally, check out this popular 15 minute mindful yoga exercise specifically targeting poses to combat depression.
4. Create new habits
Was 2017 a year of falling into old habits you’d rather not continue with this year? You can create new habits or ‘sticky habits’ that don’t fall by the wayside after a week by following these tips: 
Start really small and only increase your effort after the habit is a natural part of your everyday routine
Use a visual reminder (like a calendar) to mark off your success each day with a tick, as time goes on you’ll fight harder to keep the success going
Don’t just say you’ll do something, schedule it in!
Celebrate your small wins, it’s crucial for your motivation and gives you a feeling of accomplishment
Spend time with people who support your change, not pessimists who drag you down.
In summary, don't be afraid to dream big in 2018 but in order to achieve success you need to create actionable daily tasks to help you achieve those goals and go ahead and get planning.


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