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Is your wardrobe bulging at the seams? Can’t find that favourite jacket or anything to wear for Friday night drinks? Then it’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover! 
Follow our 4 steps to organising your wardrobe and your inner fashionista will be strutting out in seventh heaven. 
Step 1. Empty Everything Out
The best way to start organising a wardrobe space is to completely de clutter the space first. Take every item out of your wardrobe and lay it out on your bed.
Step 2. Sort Items Into Piles
Next, you need to sort every item into one of the following categories:
1. Absolutely Love 
These are your favourite pieces of clothing and shoes that you find yourself wearing all the team. They make you feel great when you wear them - and they fit!!
2. Not Quite Sure
This pile is for pieces that get neglected. It could be they don’t fit very well, or maybe you’re not overly excited about the style or colour. You may also have sentimental items you find hard to part with (those items you just had ‘to have’, but have never worn) - and these belong in this pile too. The thing is, if you find clothes you didn’t wear last season, then it’s highly unlikely you'll wear them again. So be honest with yourself and only keep if you think you may wear them again.
Now you’re going to pack all these items away in a box and store them in your garage (or somewhere clean, dry and out of site). You can always go and find a piece, if you need to, but chances are you won’t. 
If you haven’t found a reason to remove an item from the box at the end of the year, then it’s time to get ruthless and let it go. 
3. Donation Pile
This pile is for anything you haven’t worn for a year, or those pieces you know you’ll never ever wear again. Bag them up and either donate to charity, give them away to friends or sell them on eBay. The more ruthless you can be, the better. And, you’re making a whole lot of new space for your new wardrobe.
4. Out Of Season
If you have too many items out of season taking up wardrobe space, place them in vacuum sealed bag and keep them stored out of the way. You don’t need them right now, but they should still be easy to access if the weather changes, or you need to take a trip to another climate at short notice. 
Step 3: Assess What You Have
Now that you can see all the clothes you love (and wear) in one pile, you’ll have a clear picture of your default fashion style. This will make it easier in future when you go shopping to find pieces you need and enhance your collection. 
Step 4: Arrange The Space
Lastly, set up your wardrobe so it’s easy to use and beautiful to look at. Here are some great ideas we love: 
- Store your the items you use the most at eye level, the items you need occasionally below, and the items your rarely need, up high.
- Add stylish storage containers to your wardrobe to maximise space and functionality (i.e.; drawers for folded items, boxes for loose items and a shoe rack to display your heels). 
- Use coordinated hangers that give your wardrobe a stylish look and are kinder to your clothes fabric (ditch any ugly wire hangers!). 
- Adding hooks inside your wardrobe door is a great way to find space to hang belts, scarves and hats. 
- Colour code clothing to give your wardrobe a sophisticated boutique aesthetic (plus, it will make putting together an outfit super easy!)
- Continue to edit your wardrobe every season to fit your lifestyle and look. 
Remember, taking control of your wardrobe is a metaphor for taking control of your life - your outlook, your energy and your confidence, will all get a boost! 
Plus, you’ll always look fantastic for Friday night drinks! 


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