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Racing Victors Home Breaks Record!

Racing Victors Home Breaks Record!

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Kelly Handley and her husband, Duncan, don’t just love cars, they live and breathe cars — so much so that their beloved dogs, Zed and Zilla, are even named after models of Nissan sports cars.


Residents of Gladesville for 12 years, they built their spacious home in 2013 that has more accommodation for the cars than bedrooms for people.


They even put air-conditioning and full insulation in the warehouse-style garage, along with a 6m-high mezzanine roof, space for six cars, a two-post hoist, compressed air distribution system with drains and regulators and an electrical sub board. Duncan jokes “The only thing it’s missing is a hole in the wall between the kitchen so we never have to leave the garage”.

The couple don’t just tinker with cars, they have both carved out successful racing careers - Mrs Handley is a top navigator with six podiums under her belt and Duncan has been an Australian sprint champion whose claim to fame is being one of the only people to race at Bathurst with no windscreen at the front or back of the vehicle.


Richardson & Wrench Gladesville, selling agents for the Gladesville home, had 93,000 online interactions, approximately 115 enquiries, 12 contracts issued and 100 groups of people inspect the home. As a result the home set the street record for the highest price achieved.  


“It’s been an awesome house for us,” Mrs Handley said.


It is their love of cars and a desire for a tree change that has prompted their move south to a bush property on the outskirts of Goulburn.


And it will be a move up in the world as far as car accommodation goes — there is an eight-car shed on the property — but with the human accommodation, the same cannot be said.


“It’s a shack. It’s got one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and one living room — that’s pretty much it. We’ll have to do something about that once the cars are settled,” Mrs Handley said.

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Renting, Buying, Selling, Investment Properties
Renting, Buying, Selling, Investment Properties
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