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One of the easiest ways to makeover a space in your home is to add a layer of decorative cushions. Cushions are extremely versatile, come in an array of colours and patterns, and have the ability to completely transform the look of your room.
But in order to get that true professional look, you want to learn the art of layering. Layering is the perfect blend of form and function and makes the design of your space truly inspirational. 
So, if you’re ready to makeover spaces with this gorgeous and affordable accessory, check out our style tips below so you can layer cushions with finesse! 
1. Layering Sofa Cushions
Before you add cushions to a sofa, take into account the design of your lounge suite. You don’t want to just throw a whole stack of cushions on your sofa, but rather look at what cushions you can use to create a great aesthetic. 
Instead of a mundane block of rectangles lined up in a row, have fun playing with different sizes and heights to create visual interest. 
Another way to show off a beautiful couch, is to avoid stacking all your cushions in the middle. To create interest, layer three different cushions in one corner to create a small story. Then drape a throw on the opposite side for balance. 
2. Layering Chair Cushions
It’s easy to spruce up a basic chair with a decorative cushion. A simple graphic style cushion always works well in contemporary space (think lines, dots or triangles), whilst a plush textured piece goes arm-in-arm with a cosy armchair. 
When you choose cushions think of them in context of the room and space. Whilst there are always many new patterns and amazing colours you can purchase, it’s best to have an idea of where they’ll fit and what role they’ll play, before you go all out with your investment. 
And lastly, avoid placing too many cushions on a chair or chaise. You don’t want to take up all the sitting space. It is a chair after all!
3. Layering Bed Cushions
Bedroom cushions and pillows work best in three layers. Larger European pillows are perfect for bed cushions, as they anchor the space between the headboard and wall. Because of their size, European pillows in a bold design will help tie together the style and colour palette of the whole room. 
To complete your layered look, place two standard size pillows on top of each other, to show off more colour or a neutral pattern. Complete the layering with a small decorative pillow for contrast. 
And finally, whenever layering cushions, remember to use odd numbers. This is a trick professionals always use to create height and interest. It also ensures that your single accent cushion pops.  


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